Essential oils to keep you feeling well from Immunity Boost, Eucalyptus, and Balance. These will keep your immune system healthy, open your lungs, and support an emotional state of balance and calm.  With these oils, you get a diffuser to disperse the oils into the air of your home or office.


Eucalyptus essential oil is great for bronchitis, ear inflammation, flu, hay fever, nasal inflammation, sinusitis, and congestion.



-Lemon Grass: Freshens up a damp or musty bathroom with a bright, sweet fragrance. Common uses are air purifcation, antibacterial, carpal tunnel, muscular dystrophy, paralysis, tissue repair

-Sweet Orange: Helps bronchitis, colds, digestive disorders, fever, flu (avoid direct sunlight or UV rays up to 48 hours after applying product.

-Citronella: Cold, fatigue, flu, headaches, migraines


Immunity Boost

Sandalwood: Supports the cardiovascular system, helps cough, depression, menstrual problems, nervous tension, increasing oxygen around the pineal and pituitary glands

Elemi: Bronchitis, chest infections, chapped skin, thymus gland

Neroli: Fights bacteria, infections, parasites, and viruses. May help with anxiety, chronic diarrhea, depression, and supports the skin

Geranium: air purification, chapped lips, dry skin

Helichrysum: Antiviral, bleeding, blood clots, sinus infections, skin conditions

Wellness Essential Oils Package