Integrate Medicine made a kit just for you to promote wellness for yourself and in your home.


Included in the large kit:

- 3 full size 15mL bottles of essential oils 

- porcelain gua sha spoon

- ear seeds

- UV wand sanitizing light

- essential oil diffuser

- 4 recipes 

- One month access to Integrate MEdicine's online resources and videos


Valued at over $140 


Essential oils to keep you feeling well from Immunity Boost, Eucalyptus, and Balance. These will keep your immune system healthy, open your lungs, and support an emotional state of balance and calm.  With these oils, you get a diffuser to disperse the oils into the air of your home or office.


The porcelain spoon is useful for relaxing tight muscles, and there is a video to demonstrate what to do and go to perform gua sha at home when you can't get in to see a professional to do it for you. If you start feeling a sore throat or slight chill, gua sha is excellent when performed on the neck and upper back to activate an immune response to improve health faster.


The ear seed points listed help the lung system keep your immune system working to the best of its ability.  Inside the kit are pictures showing you where to place these.


A UV wand light helps sanitize those items that are odd shapes: cell phone, keys, doorknobs, steering wheel, etc. 


The recipes included in this kit were designed to boost your immune system and aid in lung function.



Large Wellness Kit