Week 13 Meal Plan

This week, if you have an air-fryer, DEFINITELY try the air-fried spatchcock chicken! I made this a couple of weeks ago to test it out, and it was so juicy and delicious. Both the kids and adults in our house devoured it, so it is absolutely staying in rotation for us. While at Trader Joe's the day before, I found a marinated spatchcock chicken, so there was little to no prep work, which made this meal even better!

Any Halloween food you're loving or going to have tomorrow? Throughout Halloween week, I usually try to have a couple "themed" dinners - this past week, we've had jack-o-lantern quesadillas, make your own pumpkin-shaped pizzas, and will have "feet"-loaf (meatloaf) tomorrow for Halloween celebrations.

Let us know what meals you've enjoyed lately. Have a great weekend!

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