The Spleen: Chinese Body Typing

Western Medicine's definition of the spleen is somewhat different than how Chinese Medicine views it. For this reason, the spleen in Chinese Medicine in part represents digestion as a whole, and how it corresponds to other organs involved with digestion such as the stomach, small intestine, pancreas, liver, gallbladder, and digestive enzymes. If you have an imbalance with the spleen, you may present with some of the following symptoms. A key when assessing the spleen is looking at the tongue, and along the edges, there will be scallops or ridges. When the spleen is involved, it tends to come from a place of deficiency with symptoms of poor or reduced appetite along with more chronic digestive issues.

Being responsible for the intake and distribution of nutrients, it is critical to ensure the spleen is in alignment with our body and other organs for our immune system, as well as for our whole well-being.

Have you seen any of these symptoms or emotions in your life? Do you see a possible connection to the spleen function?

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