The Liver - Chinese Body Typing

The liver channel is associated with wood and is often thought of in springtime. It is because of this that it governs uprising for symptoms like irritability, road rage or high blood pressure. In our environment, wind is often correlated with the liver channel as well; when the liver isn’t functioning properly, wind can invade causing sympto

ms that will often migrate throughout the body or create tremors. Additionally, the liver is the mother of the heart and controls menstruation.

As mentioned before, the liver is in charge of storing blood, because of this, if the liver is flowing well, blood vessels flow unrestricted as well. The liver relies on the kidney to function, so it is another example of the importance of all organs and qi flowing well in order for all systems to function at their optimum level.

With the liver being the last Chinese Body Type we are going to review, what have you learned? What are you excited to try or implement? What else would you like to know?

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