The Irony of Illness

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

All too often, you hear of the person who made all the right health choices, was compassionate, giving, and loving, yet, they still contracted some virus, became ill with cancer, or a myriad of health challenges arose in their life. We would all agree that this is not fair, and some may say, “What is the point? I am not going to take care of myself at all then.”

While this sort of scenario is tragic, please don’t throw out all pursuit of health in the process. For example, type II diabetes can be managed and prevented in many cases with changes in diet and lifestyle. We realize there are many socio-economic barriers when trying to encourage changes in diet and lifestyle. But if this one health condition doesn’t improve, it will impact all of us.

The latest study estimated that between 2010 and 2030, the worldwide number of adults with diabetes would increase by 54%, from 285 million to 439 million. The number of adults with diabetes will increase by 20% in developed countries and 69% in developing countries. Much of the growth in the numbers of people with diabetes will occur in middle-aged working adults.

What if this money to fight diabetes was directed to proactively support food education and purchasing healthier food options instead of only on medications and interventions to treat the problem on the back end?

The reason we bring this up is the thought shift required in so much of what we do when it comes to our health. The need for us to become more PROACTIVE to prevent things that we might have *some* control over instead of REACTIVE once there are symptoms or a diagnosis. Think of prepping to paint: taking the time to tape, use drop clothes, and prepare the right supplies can feel frustrating! Its putting in a lot of time up front that you hope will save you time later in the painting and clean-up process. But, without that prep, its harder to correct once something happens - it is much harder to cover up getting paint on the ceiling than if you put tape up to avoid that issue in the first place.

So while we know that caring for your health on the front end is not often at the forefront of your mind with bills to pay, safety concerns, kids who need you, especially when it isn’t a guarantee of not having future health issues, we hope you can try to take little steps to make a lasting impact and changes in your health. Changing your health story is what Integrate Medicine is here for and hopes to guide you through different options on your way to a healthy, full life.

What would make taking care of your health fun? Do you want us to employ a comedian to make our health tips entertaining? Would you like Sara and me to dress up in superhero and princess costumes while making our videos? We would love to see your comments on our blog.

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