Foods for Chinese Body Types

After our body typing series, which was designed to give information on the different body types, we wanted to provide a few more aspects of body typing that could inform your habits if you’d like to focus on a certain area.

There are specific flavors associated with each body type, which of course, correlates with certain foods. In order to jump start your thinking, we provided a recipe for each body type, but be on the lookout for more recipes that would follow with the same body types/foods.

The Liver

The flavor is sour: foods like lemon, lime, sauerkraut, rose hip, vinegar. Also included are sour

and sweet foods: apple, blackberry, grape, raspberry, tangerine, tomato, yogurt.

For a recipe idea, try: apple berry salad with lemon vinaigrette

The Heart

The flavor is bitter. Try foods like: alfalfa, bitter melon, citrus peel, turnip, amaranth, asparagus, celery, lettuce, papaya, quinoa.

A recipe idea would include: ancient grains with vegetables

The Spleen

The flavor is sweet, so things like: sweet rice, sweet potato, mochi, molasses, pinenut, walnut, cherry.

A recipe using these foods might be something like: caramelized sweet potatoes with pine nuts and cherries

The Lung

The flavor is pungent. There is warm pungent, which would include foods like: cayenne, garlic, ginger, onion, cinnamon bark, cloves; however, examples of cool pungent foods are: mint, white pepper, radish.

For a recipe that includes both warm and cool foods, try: garlic roasted radishes

The Kidney

The flavor is salty. Foods for this body type include: seaweed, salt, kelp, barley, millet, soy sauce, miso, pickles

For a recipe, try a stir fry with barley

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