Balance...In a World of Extremes

Having a conversation with my husband in the initial weeks of thinking through Integrate MEdicine, and trying to identify problems that the business would strategize to solve, I kept coming back to ask him, “What will make people care about their health before there is a problem?” I constantly see renowned practitioners on social media, and they are often lucky to get a couple hundred, or maybe a thousand, likes compared to a happenstance video that will go viral and get millions of views. How do we blend the two and make healthcare more appealing to help motivate people to positive action?

He brought up the notion of Living in Extremes. “We live in a world of extremes. People work hard, play hard, watch viral videos. When it comes to health it is about striving for balance, which is much harder than living in an area of extremes.”

As I reflected on this more, I can see his point; in a world of fad diets that people will stick to for days, months if they’re lucky, but quickly derail if they have one bad day. Emotions are reactionary. Demonstrated by flying off the handle when someone has a different opinion than you, rather than listening to hear their perspective and having an open conversation. Working 80 plus hours a week with no time for family or friends. We even see it in young children - they face one difficult task in school, and they are stupid because they’re struggling with ONE thing!

With an endless influx of information on a daily basis, with other people telling you how to live your life, and not really taking time to go inward and figure out how you want to live your life. Going inward can be scary as you try to find your balance and where you want to live. For the example of health, if you have back pain, you don’t instantly go to surgery as the first intervention, or if you have anxiety, the first step isn’t usually total sedation.

It takes research and thought to be able to navigate from the extreme, black and white perspectives to work through more nuance of the grey that is in all of our lives. Integrate MEdicine is working every day to collaborate and build more resources for you to help navigate towards a life of balance in a world of extremes.

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