The Story of Integrate MEdicine


As busy moms and friends, Sara Hess and Lindy Camardella would always talk about ways to positively impact their family, community, and world. When time is limited, they wanted a way to share healthy interventions about integrative medicine that they were doing in their own families. At the start of COVID-19, their families were out-of-town together when the Shelter In Place Order went into effect.  In the midst of becoming our kids’ e-learning teachers, running what felt like a toddler daycare center, managing the Zoom calls of four adults and six kids, the idea of Integrate Medicine was born.  


We were all grateful to be together and felt for those in our community who were isolated by the virus and not able to connect and know other healthy options to supplement their health. 


 Our kits are produced to be as eco-friendly as possible, as well as humanitarian conscious.




Lindy Camardella, as a Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, found connecting with patients to be a true gift of being a practitioner and building a community of people whom you care for and learn from.  She often saw patients frustrated with limited awareness of all their to treat their specific condition. Lindy wanted to have ways to connect and care for more people and give them options to improve their health at home. Every health practitioner has limited time to treat patients, but Lindy envisioned a way to increase her community of care and reach those who wouldn’t normally have access to some integrated health options regardless of socioeconomic status or location. 


Sara Hess has been an educator and involved in various ways of helping people through volunteer work and community organizations. She has always been interested in finding ways to care for her family that incorporate multiple approaches of health care; she has explored acupuncture, chiropractics, essential oils, nutrition, exercise, homeopaths, and more as methods to improve pain, allergies, anxiety, sleeplessness, and other health concerns for her family.  In that research and use, she is always excited to share what she has learned with others in the hopes that it might help them as well.  

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